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LDS Perspectives

The Gospel of Mark with Julie Smith

The Gospel of Mark isn’t a natural choice as a favorite Gospel narrative, but for Julie Smith “as a believing LDS scholar, it is Mark whose shine most attracts [her] gaze, partially because its light is often ignored.” In this interview with Laura Harris Hales for LDS...

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History is Nearsighted at Best with Keith Erekson

Keith Erekson, current director of the LDS Church History Library, has worked really wherever history could be found or needed. When faced with new opportunities, he’s thought, “let’s go there, and let’s see what we can do.” In this episode of the LDS Perspectives...

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The JST in the D&C with Kenneth Alford

This week, Taunalyn Rutherford of LDS Perspectives, reviews the historical background of the Joseph Smith Translation (JST) and its presence in the Doctrine and Covenants with Dr. Kenneth (Ken) Alford. This episode is part one in a special first anniversary double...

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Walking with Dinosaurs with Steven Peck

Steven L. Peck is a scientist, BYU professor, and acclaimed author. In recent years he has emerged as a powerful advocate for science and evolution, publishing two books about the topic in as many years. His latest offering, Science the Key to Theology, is an...

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