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2022 Temple on Mount Zion Conference


The Sixth Interpreter
Matthew B. Brown Memorial Conference

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Sponsored by
The Interpreter Foundation


Invited guests: Margaret Barker (presenting from England) and Samuel Zinner.

Other confirmed presenters: include Matthew L. Bowen, Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, David Calabro, Wilfred Griggs, TK Plant, Stephen Ricks, Stephen Smoot, Rebecca Stay, among others.

The temple is central to Latter-day Saint worship. Through modern revelation Joseph Smith restored the ancient tradition of temples and the ordinances performed therein. Studies of ancient temples can shed much light on latter-day temples and temple worship.

The purpose of the conference is to increase understanding and appreciation of temple rituals and doctrines, and to encourage participation in the redeeming work of family history and temple worship.

The Conference will be held live from the meetinghouse at 2168 S 140 W, Orem, Utah, with remote streaming available.

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