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Interpreter Foundation Mesoamerica Tour
Operated by Book of Mormon Tours
October 22, 2024 — November 4, 2024


Hosted by Brant A. Gardner
Escorted by Blake Joseph Allen
With Dan Peterson, Steve Densley, and Larry Ainsworth

On this deluxe Book of Mormon tour, we will recall Book of Mormon history as we travel to locations that are considered by scholars to be good candidates for the land of Nephi, the east wilderness, the land of Zarahemla, including a candidate for the Nephite hill Cumorah where the both the Nephite and Jaredite nations came to an end, concluding in Mexico City and the archaeological site of Teotihuacan. Most tours don’t even go to Chiapas and Veracruz where exciting evidence on the Book of Mormon is available. Over 80% of the history in the Book of Mormon has been proposed as having taken place in the areas visited on this all-inclusive deluxe tour. You will see five LDS Temples, twelve archaeological sites and museums, and nineteen locations that have been proposed as sites that are associated with the Book of Mormon.

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Study Resources for the Trip to Mesoamerica

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