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LDS Perspectives

The Fourth Gospel with Joshua Matson

  The Interview:  Even a casual, first-time reader quickly notices that the Fourth Gospel, or the Gospel of John, is different than the other New Testament gospels. From the first verse, the metaphorical language tells readers that this is more than a historical...

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Discipleship with Eric Huntsman

  The Interview:  In this episode of LDS Perspectives Podcast, Laura Hales interviews Eric D. Huntsman about his new book, Becoming the Beloved Disciple: Coming unto Christ through the Gospel of John, about learning from the Gospels, and John more generally. As...

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Luke’s Jesus with S. Kent Brown

  The Interview:  There are four books in the New Testament that tell the story of the life and ministry of Jesus. Each one does it quite differently. The gospel of Luke is related to the gospel of Mark—it appears to use Mark as its foundation—but...

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