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Wisdom Literature with Dan Belnap

The Interview: In this episode of the LDS Perspectives podcast, Laura Harris Hales interviews Dan Belnap about wisdom literature in the Bible and the ancient Near East. Belnap explains that the books of the Bible are of various genres. Some, like the books of Kings,...

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The Millennial Temple with R. Jean Addams

The Interview: An Interview with R. Jean Addams, author of Upon the Temple Lot: The Church of Christ’s Quest to Build the House of the Lord. In mid-July 1831, Joseph Smith and a few Mormon missionaries visited Independence, Missouri. After arriving, the Prophet...

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Old Major with Alexander L. Baugh

The Interview: This week we have a little fun as we take a lighthearted look at Joseph Smith’s loyal companion, friend, and pet—Old Major. Dr. Alexander L. Baugh shares the tenuous nature of historical sleuthing. Often disparate references are all that scholars...

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Israel’s Kings with Dana M. Pike

The Interview: In this episode of LDS Perspectives Podcast, Laura Harris Hales interviews Dr. Dana M. Pike on Israel’s united and divided monarchies. The Old Testament prepares us for the United Monarchy, telling of Joshua marching Israel into the Promised Land,...

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19th Century Restorationists – RoseAnn Benson

The Interview: As Joseph Smith reported his visions and revelations designed to restore the New Testament church, another preacher living nearby sought the same goals, but through very different means. Despite the fact that both were Restorationists, each viewed the...

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Violence in the Bible with George A. Pierce

The Interview: The Old Testament is filled with grisly tales, which are understandably offensive to modern eyes. Some of the most shocking are found within the conquest narratives of the Deuteronomistic History. In Deuteronomy 7, the Israelites were instructed to...

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