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2020 Temple on Mount Zion Conference


The Fifth Interpreter
Matthew B. Brown Memorial Conference

Saturday, November 7, 2020
Brigham Young University
(If temporary COVID-19 restrictions preclude gathering on campus, we will hold the conference virtually.)
For late-breaking news, watch this website.

Presented by
The Interpreter Foundation
Brigham Young University

Morning Session

9:00 Welcome and prayer
9:15 Matthew L. Bowen: “That they may be purified in me”: Ritual purification in 3 Nephi 19 and the implications of holiness as “purity” for Latter-day Saint temple ordinances and worship
9:45 R. Jean Addams: The past and future of the Temple Lot in Jackson County, Missouri
10:45 Break
11:00 David Calabro: From temple to church: Defining sacred space in the Near East
11:30 Mack Stirling: Ruth: An allegorical reading
12:00 Van C. Evans: Wiraqocha and the rites of the Raqchi temple in Peru
12:30 Lunch break

Afternoon Session

2:00 Jasmin Gimenez Rappleye: The messianic sacred, not secret: The Son as a hidden name in the Gospel of Mark
2:30 Stephen D. Ricks: Prayer with uplifted hands
3:00 Break
3:15 John Gee: Cherubim and seraphim: Iconography in the first Jerusalem temple
3:45 Jeffrey M. Bradshaw and Matthew L. Bowen: “Made Stronger Than Many Waters”: The Names of Moses as Keywords in the Heavenly Ascent of Moses
4:15 (To be confirmed)
4:45 Closing

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