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KnoWhy OTL08C — Abraham’s Hebron: Then and Now, Part 3: Jacob’s Well and the Tombs of Joseph and Rachel

The purpose of this five-part series of videos is to provide a brief introduction to some of the places linked in tradition to the lives of the family of Abraham and Sarah. Many, though not all, of the sites we will visit are in or near the city of Hebron. Hebron and surrounding areas served as somewhat of a hub for Abraham in his many journeys....

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An Evening with Margaret Barker & Stephen Webb

On Saturday, 8 August 2015, about ninety people gathered in Orem, Utah, to celebrate The Interpreter Foundation’s third birthday. Among those in attendance were Dr. Margaret L. Barker and Dr. Stephen H. Webb. After dinner, it was my privilege to moderate a brief question-and-answer session with Drs. Barker and Webb. Here is that discussion....

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Maori Responses to the Mormon Church

An introductory note from Daniel C. Peterson Dr. Robert Joseph, of New Zealand’s University of Waikato, is currently in the United States as a visiting Fulbright scholar. On 5 August 2017, he spoke to a group of volunteers, authors, and supporters assembled for...

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