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Mosiah 4-6: Children of Christ

Covenant making and keeping are the life blood of spiritual living.  Covenants teach us of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, covenants inspire us to keep the commandments in the name of Christ, and the cords of covenants loose us from the bands of death and hell, sealing...

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2 Nephi 6-10. Jacob’s Masterful Discourse

One of the most beautiful and doctrinally significant discourses in the Book of Mormon was given by Jacob, brother of Nephi in 2 Nephi 6-10.  The farewell speech of King Benjamin or the sermons of Jesus Christ when he visited the American continent are all well...

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3 Nephi 17-19. Christ’s Visit to the Americas

Christ’s visit to the Americas marks the climax of the Book of Mormon when we would expect the greatest of epiphanies, the most illuminating of revelations and the most marvelous of mysteries to be unfolded.  Truly, great epiphanies were displayed as Christ descended...

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Mosiah 12-16. Martyr in Disguise

As the man of God returned to the city, most people did not notice him.  He had returned to preach the message of repentance that had previously caused this wicked people to seek his life.  But this time he “came among them in disguise, that they knew him not” (Mosiah...

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Jacob 1-4. Seek the Kingdom of God

Jacob 1—Prophetic and Priesthood Responsibility We owe much to faithful Jacob.  He and his direct posterity preserved for us a crucial portion of the Book of Mormon, the Small Plates of Nephi (1 Nephi – Omni), which include all of the key doctrines and principles of...

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2 Nephi 1. Resurrecting Deep Sleepers

Have you ever wondered if you would sleep through the sound of the trumpets on resurrection morning (D&C 45:45-46)?  Or have you ever considered that sleeping patterns of today may adversely affect you tomorrow?  From a spiritual perspective these are essential...

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