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Increasing understanding of scripture one article at a time

Increasing understanding of scripture one article at a time

Increasing understanding of scripture one article at a time

Increasing understanding of scripture one article at a time


The Interpreter Foundation is a nonprofit educational organization focused on the scriptures of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Book of Mormon, the Pearl of Great Price, the Bible, and the Doctrine and Covenants), early LDS history, and related subjects.

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Hugh Nibley Observed

Edited by Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, Shirley S. Ricks, and Stephen T. Whitlock
Foreword by John W. Welch

Published by The Interpreter Foundation, Orem Utah in cooperation with Eborn Books, Salt Lake City, Utah
and in collaboration with Book of Mormon Central and FAIR

Softcover, PDF, Kindle and Audio Book editions available now, hardbound available soon

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Tracing Ancient Threads in the Book of Moses

2021 Interpreter Foundation Conference

April 23-24, 2021
Presented by The Interpreter Foundation, Brigham Young University Department of Ancient Scripture,
Book of Mormon Central, & FairMormon
Due to the COVID-19 situation, this will be a live-streaming-only conference.

For updates on conference details, go to

Nibley’s Early Education

Nibley’s Early Education

Abstract: In this intimate glimpse of Hugh Nibley’s childhood, written by his daughter Zina, we read of what it was like for Hugh to grow up as a gifted child with Victorian parents and, in turn, what it was like for Zina and her siblings to grow up as a child in the...

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Interpreter Radio Show — March 28, 2021

Interpreter Radio Show — March 28, 2021

  You can listen to or download the March 28 broadcast of the Interpreter Radio Show below. It will also be included in our podcast feed ( The hosts were Steve Densley, Matthew Bowen and Mark J. Johnson. In this...

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Hugh Nibley on Revelation, Reason, and Rhetoric

Hugh Nibley on Revelation, Reason, and Rhetoric

This is the third of eight weekly blog posts published in honor of the life and work of Hugh Nibley (1910–2005). The series is in honor of the new, landmark book, Hugh Nibley Observed. Hugh Nibley was a master at taking ancient history and applying its lessons to our day. One of the best examples of this is within his writings on revelation, reason, and rhetoric.

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“The Messiah Will Set Himself Again”: Jacob’s Use of Isaiah 11:11 in 2 Nephi 6:14 and Jacob 6:2

Edfu and Exodus

Abstract: In this essay John Gee draws a connection between the Egyptian “Book of the Temple” and the book of Exodus, both in structure and topic, describing the temple from the inside out. Gee concludes that both probably go back to a common source older than either...

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The Interpreter Foundation is a nonprofit organization. All journal publications and video presentations are available for free by digital download and streaming. The price of hard copy versions of journal articles covers only the cost of printing; books are typically priced to help cover both upfront pre-publication expenses and royalties to authors when applicable. In some cases, the Foundation may subsidize publication costs to keep retail prices affordable. The Foundation does not profit from sales of its publications.

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