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Church History and Britain’s Victorian Century with the Interpreter Foundation
Operated by Bountiful Travel
May 15, 2025 — May 27, 2025


Escorted by Kristine Frederickson, Peter Fagg, and Dan Peterson


Join Nineteenth-century British, Religious, and LDS historian, Kristine Frederickson; local Blue Badge Guide and British Church historian, Peter Fagg; and Daniel Peterson, for an Interpreter Foundation tour that deep dives into the British Victorian Century, the early history of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Britain, and the goings-on in modern England and Wales.

You will spend your days exploring the rich and tumultuous religious, political and social conditions that led up to and produced “seekers” after gospel truth. You will visit important Church history sites, among them Preston, the River Ribble and surrounding environs, as well as Gadfield Elm Chapel and Benbow Farm—all locales where missionaries enjoyed a bountiful harvest in souls. You will visit 19th-century potteries, mines, villages, and Liverpool (where many hearty saints embarked on ships to America). Along the way there will be castles, sumptuous gardens, cathedrals, the Lake District, and picture-perfect villages. In London, professional walking tour guides will walk and talk you through the haunts and habitats of renowned British authors, religious icons, and inspired social reformers. Add in today’s London and visits to theaters, museums, cathedrals, abbeys, and London’s brilliant markets, shopping, and eating venues! Prepare for a spiritual feast and an unforgettable time as you immerse yourself in Britain’s past and present.


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