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“To Seek the Law of the Lord”
Essays in Honor of John W. Welch

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“To Seek the Law of the Lord”
Essays in Honor of John W. Welch

Editors: Paul Y. Hoskisson and Daniel C. Peterson

Table of Contents:

  1. Foreword
    James R. Rasband
  2. Introduction
  3. John Woodland Welch: Biographical Highlights
  4. John W. Welch: A Personal Reminiscence
    Stephen E. Robinson
  5. Baptized for the Dead
    Kevin L. Barney
  6. Faith, Hope, and Charity: The “Three Principal Rounds” of the Ladder of Heavenly Ascent
    Jeffrey M. Bradshaw
  7. The Transcendence of Flesh, Divine and Human
    James E. Faulconer
  8. Jesus’s Courtroom in John
    John Gee
  9. Janus Parallelism: Speculation on a Possible Poetic Wordplay in the Book of Mormon
    Paul Y. Hoskisson
  10. The Visions of Moses and Joseph Smith’s Bible Translation
    Kent P. Jackson
  11. Toqueville on New Prophets and the Tyranny of Public Opinion
    Louis Midgley
  12. The Theology of C. S. Lewis: A Latter-day Saint Perspective
    Robert L. Millet
  13. The Covenant of Christ’s Gospel in the Book of Mormon
    Steven L. Olsen
  14. The Great Isaiah Scroll (1QIsaa)—Catalogue of Textual Variants
    Donald W. Parry
  15. Notes on Mormonism and the Trinity
    Daniel C. Peterson
  16. Formed in and Called from the Womb
    Dana M. Pike
  17. Chiastic Structuring of Large Texts: Second Nephi as a Case Study
    Noel B. Reynolds
  18. Proper Names from the Small Plates: Some Notes of the Personal Names Zoram, Jarom, Omni, and Mosiah
    Stephen D. Ricks
  19. “A Prophet Like Moses” (Deuteronomy 18:15–18) in the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and the Dead Sea Scrolls
    David R. Seely
  20. Medieval Christian Views of Hebrew as the Language of Magic
    Andrew C. Skinner
  21. The Pleading Bar of God
    Royal Skousen
  22. Poesey and Prosody in the Book of Mormon
    Robert F. Smith
  23. Record-Keeping Technology among God’s People in Ancient and Modern Times
    Richard E. Turley Jr. and Stephen O. Smoot
  24. Tree of Life, Tree of Healing
    John Tvedtnes
  25. Bibliography of Selected Published Works of John W. Welch
    Stephen O. Smoot, compiler

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