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Beauty for Ashes – Scott Livingston

Scott Livingston is an independent scholar whose gospel studies have been largely fueled by his ecclesiastical ministry. He is currently a Stake President, and many of the recurring concerns that surface as he counsels with individuals and couples led him to write the...

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Abinadi with Shon Hopkin

Laura Harris Hales interviews Shon Hopkin about different aspects of the Abinadi narrative in the Book of Mormon. Shon D. Hopkin is an associate professor of ancient scripture at BYU. He has published and presented papers on the Jewish concept of a premortal life and...

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The Lost 116 Pages with Don Bradley

In this episode, Brian Hales interviews Don Bradley about his decades-long research into missing parts of Book of Mormon narrative. Ever since he was a youngster, Don’s wondered about the content of the 116 pages of the Book of Lehi transcript that Martin Harris lost...

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Glimpses of Nauvoo with Christopher Blythe

Christopher James Blythe is a volume editor of the Documents series of The Joseph Smith Papers. He completed a PhD in American religious history from Florida State University, an MA in history from Utah State University, and BA degrees in religious studies and...

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Old Testament People and Places – Jared Ludlow

In this episode, Laura Harris Hales speaks with Jared Ludlow about the ancient Near East and its peoples as part of our ongoing series on the Old Testament. They also discuss A Bible Reader’s History of the Ancient World, a textbook used at the BYU Jerusalem Center....

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The Dead Sea Scrolls with Josh Madsen

Joshua Madsen is a PhD student in religions of western antiquity at Florida State University and a teacher at the Tallahassee Institute of Religion. Josh received his bachelor’s degree in Ancient Near Eastern studies with university honors from Brigham Young...

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