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Joseph Smith and Our Preparation for the Lord's Final Judgment
Essays by George L. Mitton

Joseph Smith and Our Preparation for the Lord’s Final Judgment

Essays by George L. Mitton

With a personal tribute by his son John and a foreword by Jeffrey M. Bradshaw

Published by The Interpreter Foundation and Eborn Books

Joseph Smith and Our Preparation for the Lord’s Final Judgment: Essays by George L. Mitton is a volume of tribute to an esteemed Latter-day Saint scholar which assembles four significant articles that offer much guidance for our preparation to meet the Lord at the veil, and at His Final Judgment:

  • The Crucifixion as a Mockery, Witness, and Warning of Judgment
  • The Book of Mormon as a Resurrected Book and a Type of Christ
  • Joseph Smith at the Veil: Significant Ritual, Symbolism, and Temple Influence at Latter-day Saint Beginnings
  • Joseph Smith and the Magical Contest

Adding to the interest is Mitton’s preface, which describes the way inspiration, writing, and life experiences came together to provide the genesis of these essays. In addition, a personal tribute is offered by Mitton’s son John as well as a foreword by Jeffrey M. Bradshaw.

Eborn Books


About the Author

George L. Mitton

George L. Mitton was raised in Logan, Utah. Following military service, he served in the British Mission (1949–51) and later in many church callings. He received a master’s degree in political science at Utah State University and did additional graduate studies at the University of Utah and Columbia University. He is retired from a career in education and state government in Oregon and now lives in Utah. He assisted for a decade as an associate editor of the FARMS Review and published there, in Dialogue and in BYU Studies Quarterly. He was a founding member and is on the Board of Advisors of The Interpreter Foundation, and has published in its Journal. His marriage was to the late Ewan Harbrecht Mitton. They have four children, twenty grandchildren and thirty-seven great-grandchildren.

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