LDS Perspectives

The Dead Sea Scrolls with Josh Madsen

Joshua Madsen is a PhD student in religions of western antiquity at Florida State University and a teacher at the Tallahassee Institute of Religion. Josh received his bachelor’s degree in Ancient Near Eastern studies with university honors from Brigham Young...

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The Lost 116 Pages with Don Bradley

In this episode, Brian Hales interviews Don Bradley about his decades-long research into missing parts of Book of Mormon narrative. Ever since he was a youngster, Don’s wondered about the content of the 116 pages of the Book of Lehi transcript that Martin Harris lost...

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The Christ Who Heals, with Fiona Givens

Fiona Givens is a retired modern language teacher with undergraduate degrees in French and German and a graduate degree in European history. She is now an independent scholar who has published in several journals and reviews in Mormon studies. Along with her husband,...

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