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The Kinshasa DR Congo Temple: A Personal Perspective
Part 5: A Tale of Two Sealings

Athanase and Jocy

In this segment, we trace the unusual courtship of Athanase Ngandu and Jocy Katukumbani and the extraordinary conversion story of Athanase’s parents Souzane BIDILUFIKA and Paul KASONGA — both stories culminating in temple sealings.

A Tale of Two Sealings

(English, 9:35)

Video supplements with more details about the stories included in “A Tale of Two Sealings”

5A: I Was Introduced to My Wife During My Mission

(French only, 11:38)

A firsthand account of the unusual courtship and sealing of Athanase and Jocy Ngandu. They were married the day after she completed her mission.

5B: An Accident, a Vision, and a Dream

(Tshiluba and French with English subtitles, 5:54)

Paul KASONGA describes how he miraculously survived a train accident, while losing both his legs. During the accident, Jesus Christ appeared to him and made him three promises. He describes the fulfillment of these promises in video supplement 5C. He also tells of how a nurse found where he was staying through an address revealed to her in a dream.

5C: The Name of the True Church

(Tshiluba and French with English subtitles, 4:24)

Paul KASONGA tells about the fulfillment of the three promises he was given in vision during his train accident, including the inspiration that led him to discover the Church of Jesus Christ.

5D: A Non-Member Called as Relief Society President

(Tshiluba and French with English subtitles, 3:06)

Souzane BIDILUFIKA tells of how she was called to be Relief Society President before she was baptized.

Description of the Series

Over the next several weeks, we will trace the temple’s history from its announcement to the completion of the temple building. And from its completion as a sacred building to its dedication and use as a House of the Lord by the Latter-day Saints in this choice part of the world.

Those interested in a more details about the Church in the DR Congo and its new temple may consult or download an in-depth history that is posted at the Southeast Africa Area website:

Many of the video supplements in this series will complement and personalize the written history: early members will tell fascinating stories of the challenges and blessings of the coming of the Church to the country, some will talk about their roles in temple construction and operation, and others will describe how having a temple in Kinshasa will bless their lives.

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