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Textual Criticism and the Book of Mormon

On Saturday evening, 12 November 2022, Royal Skousen delivered a talk at Utah Valley University under the title of “Textual Criticism and the Book of Mormon”—a subject to which he has devoted meticulous scholarly attention extending over the past several decades.

In his remarks, Skousen made two very important announcements (for which, see below). He also focused not just on the usual question of what textual criticism can teach us about the Book of Mormon but on the very different question of what the Book of Mormon can teach us about textual criticism—for which, he says, it is a unique blessing.

Thanks to Royal Skousen’s generosity, the Interpreter Foundation is pleased to present here the written text that served as the basis for his significant and interesting remarks of 12 November, plus the (corrected) PowerPoint slides he used during the presentation, with the number 72 twice replaced by 58 on slide 53, but with no other numerical change; also eminent replaced by imminent, in two places.

Daniel C. Peterson
President, The Interpreter Foundation

Both of these PDF documents can be downloaded using the button at the top of the PDF windows.


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