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Desideratum for the Study of Mormon Scripture

If I were in charge (which I’m not–which is probably a good thing), I would try to initiate the following long-term, multi-participant studies on LDS scripture.

1- An online “hyper”-scripture in which the full text of LDS scripture is linked in numerous, color-coded ways to other passages, articles, book sections, geographical items, philology, etc. etc.  A completely integrated database of all knowledge about the BOM.

2- A multi-author, multi-volume commentary on the BOM, with a separate volume on each book of the BOM.

3- A multi-volume Book of Mormon encyclopedia examining in great detail all aspects of the BOM (to supplement the doctrinally oriented BOM Reference Companion)

4- A historical geography of the BOM, which step-by-step, in chronological fashion, analyzes all BOM geography to see when toponyms appear, disappear, geographical relationships, distances, etc. in a consistent and organized fashion, with detailed abstract maps.

5- A multi-participant study of chronology of the BOM, both internally, and with synchronism to both the Ancient Near East and Mesoamerica.

6- A “parallel” BOM, which gives the text of the BOM and in a parallel column, all biblical parallels, parallels to non-biblical ancient literature, as well as parallels to later LDS scripture where the BOM is quoted.

7- A complete onomastica of all ancient names in all LDS scripture (this is in part being done by Paul Hoskisson + others in loose association with the Maxwell Institute.)

8- A critical edition of the Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar (which I believe is being done by Brian Hauglid), and any remaining Kirtland Egyptian Papers.  (Paralleling the JS Papers project).


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