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Scripture Roundtable: Old Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson 29, “He Took Up … the Mantle of Elijah”

This is Scripture Roundtable 79 from The Interpreter Foundation, in which we discuss the Old Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson #29, “He Took Up … the Mantle of Elijah,” focusing on scriptures in 2 Kings 2, and 5-6, bringing in various insights to help us better understand the scriptures. These roundtables will generally follow the 2014 Gospel Doctrine schedule of scriptures, a few weeks ahead of time.

Panelists for this roundtable are Mike Parker, Ben McGuire, Daniel Peterson, and Bruce Webster.

Here is an article mentioned in the roundtable:

This roundtable is also available as an audio podcast, and will be included in the podcast feed. You can listen by pressing the play button or download the podcast below:

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