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The Witnesses of the Book of Mormon Documentary from Scripture Central

In honor of the 195th anniversary of the Three and Eight Witnesses viewing the plates this month, Scripture Central is releasing a documentary on the witnesses of the Book of Mormon. Episode 5 of A Marvelous Work will be released on June 14 on the Book of Mormon Central YouTube channel.

Some have questioned whether the witnesses of the Book of Mormon were collaborators in a conspiracy or whether they truly did handle a physical object of metal plates. This episode of A Marvelous Work explores the testimonies and evidence left behind by those who claimed to see the famed golden plates.

The Marvelous Work team traveled to upstate New York to visit the very location where the witnesses touched and saw the gold plates containing the Book of Mormon record. This episode features scholars of Latter-day Saint history such as Steven Harper, Daniel Peterson, and Casey Griffiths as they analyze the narratives and present their perspectives gained after decades of study. This episode also features never-before-seen reenactments of those crucial events in Church history.

For more information and to view the documentary trailer, go to

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