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Francis X. Clooney, S.J. provides a sympathetic reading of the Book of Mormon

The In All Things blog of America: The National Catholic Weekly, has a series of posts dealing with the Book of Mormon that may be of interest to readers of Interpreter. The first of his series is found here. There are currently two more available.

He begins: “As readers will know, I am hopeful about the possibility of our learning across religious boundaries. I have repeatedly explained that this has nothing to do with losing Christian faith, or learning things that are wicked and harmful; it is a matter of seeking truth where it is to be found, finding God in all things, and without undue fear, welcoming wisdom where I find it. I do however also believe that this learning has to be done in small doses. Keep away from vast generalizations about the faith traditions of others, study carefully, and attend to what you learn. Reading can get you quite far in interreligious learning, respect, and wisdom — and hence in being a better Christian too.”

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