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The Collected Works of Hugh Nibley

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Old Testament and Related Studies (Volume 1)

Enoch the Prophet (Volume 2)

The World and the Prophets (Volume 3)

Mormonism and Early Christianity (Volume 4)

Lehi in the Desert; The World of the Jaredites; There Were Jaredites (Volume 5)

An Approach to the Book of Mormon (Volume 6)

Since Cumorah: The Book of Mormon in the Modern World (Volume 7)

The Prophetic Book of Mormon (Volume 8)

Approaching Zion (Volume 9)

The Ancient State: The Rulers and the Ruled (Volume 10)

Tinkling Cymbals and Sounding Brass: The Art of Telling Tales about Joseph Smith and Brigham Young (Volume 11)

Temple and Cosmos: Beyond This Ignorant Present (Volume 12)

Brother Brigham Challenges the Saints (Volume 13)

Abraham in Egypt (Volume 14)

Apostles and Bishops in Early Christianity (Volume 15)

The Message of the Joseph Smith Papyri: An Egyptian Endowment (Volume 16)

Eloquent Witness: Nibley on Himself, Others, and the Temple (Volume 17)

An Approach to the Book of Abraham (Volume 18)

One Eternal Round (Volume 19)



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