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Nibley Lectures:
Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon Lesson 20
“A Light … That Can Never Be Darkened”
Mosiah 11-17

This week, we have lectures 33 through 36 from Hugh Nibley’s Book of Mormon classes at Brigham Young University, covering Mosiah 10-18.

During 1988, 1989, and 1990, Hugh Nibley taught Honors Book of Mormon classes for four semesters at Brigham Young University. The lectures were video-taped and audio cassettes and printed transcripts were made of the lectures. We believe these recordings will be interesting to listen to and valuable to your Come, Follow Me study program this year. Each week, we will include the lectures covering the Book of Mormon chapters being studied that week.

All 112 lectures are immediately available in PDF, audio, video, and electronic formats, as well as in paperback books that are available for purchase. Links for all of the available online sources can be found in the Complete Bibliography for Hugh Nibley at


Lecture 33: Mosiah 10–11.

Also called “War and Defenses.“
We are on Mosiah 10:8, and things begin to happen that have a familiar ring. They try again here. Zeniff sent out his spies, and [the Lamanite king] is watchful and doesn’t miss a thing. This attack doesn’t go so well, but notice the situation and how they do it.

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Lecture 34: Book of Mormon—Mosiah 12–14.

Also called “Abinadi’s Message.“
We are on chapter 12 of Mosiah where Abinadi comes among them. He gains entrance in disguise, and once in the midst of them, he throws off the disguise. That is a common device of the prophets.

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Lecture 35: Mosiah 15–16.

Also called “The Fulness of the Gospel; Human Nature.“
We are told that the Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the everlasting gospel. That has often been challenged. Does it have everything in it? Well, what is the gospel? What is a fullness of the gospel?

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Lecture 36: Mosiah 16–18.

Also called “Abinadi and Alma.“
Now with Mosiah 17 comes a series of extremely interesting and significant stories. He really pours it on here. After Abinadi gave his sermon, what was the reaction? “The king commanded that the priests should take him and cause that he should be put to death.” And it’s very obvious why.

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