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Gerrit Dirkmaat Remarks at Interpreter Foundation’s Eleventh Birthday

On the evening of Saturday, 5 August 2023, slightly more than a hundred officers, volunteers, invited donors, and friends gathered at a chapel in the south of Orem, Utah, to celebrate the eleventh birthday of the Interpreter Foundation. Bruce Webster, one of the regular volunteer hosts for the weekly Interpreter Radio Show, generously provided and prepared the meats for the evening, which have been an annual highlight for years now. After the meal, some short announcements were given and then a preview was offered of the forthcoming short film series Not by Bread Alone: Stories of the Saints in the DR Congo (

The remainder of the evening was devoted to fascinating and inspiring remarks by Professor Gerrit Dirkmaat, of Brigham Young University, under the title “Sweeter than Honey: Brigham Young’s Devotion to Joseph Smith’s Teachings.” Although not consciously orchestrated to be so, they could not have been better aligned than they were with the Interpreter Foundation’s new Six Days in August film project. Professor Dirkmaat’s presentation is at Interpreter’s YouTube channel ( or at, at no charge, to anyone who wants to watch it.


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