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Conference Talks:
The Crown of Creation
David R. Seely and Jo Ann H. Seely

In anticipation of the 2022 Temple on Mount Zion Conference on Saturday, November 5, 2022 (See for more information), we begin a new series of articles: Conference Talks. Each week, we will feature one talk, starting with the first Temple on Mount Zion Conference, held less than one month after the founding of The Interpreter Foundation.

Presented at: The 2012 Temple on Mount Zion Conference
Saturday, September 22, 2012
Article Reprint: “The Crown of Creation.” Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship 43 (2021): 279-290
Conference Proceedings: Temple Insights at

Creation as Model for Adam and Eve as Co-Creators. The creation stories in the scriptures contain many links with temple theology and ritual. Within these links we explore how these narratives describe God as creator, and the essential elements of how he creates. In particular we explore how God created Adam and Eve and gave them the responsibility of both caring for his creation as well as becoming, primarily through procreation, co-creators with God by following the model that he gave them as creator.



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