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BYU Speeches
Chronological Bibliography

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Maeser, Karl G. “History of the Academy.” Devotional, Brigham Young University, October 16, 1891.

Amid the ever-changing scenes of development . . . there must go through it all, like a golden thread, one thing constant: the spirit of the latter-day work.

Keywords: BYU; Education; Podcast: Envisioning BYU
Maeser, Karl G. “Final Address.” Devotional, Brigham Young University, January 4, 1892.

Among the words of the English language the word farewell is the hardest to pronounce, and I, probably, will succeed very poorly at my present attempt.

Keywords: BYU; Podcast: Envisioning BYU
Clark, J. Reuben, Jr. “The Charted Course of the Church in Education.” Devotional, Brigham Young University, August 8, 1938.
Keywords: Education; Faith; Podcast: Envisioning BYU


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