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Come, Follow Me
Old Testament Lesson 51:
December 12–18

“I Have Loved You, Saith the Lord”


The name Malachi means “my messenger” (Bible Dictionary, “Malachi”). As you study Malachi’s message to Israel, what messages do you find for your life? How do Malachi’s words relate to our day?

Malachi 1: The Jews despise the Lord by offering polluted bread upon the altar and by sacrificing animals with blemishes—The Lord’s name will be great among the Gentiles.

Malachi 2: The priests are reproved for not keeping their covenants and not teaching the people—The Jews are condemned for dealing treacherously with one another and with their wives.

Malachi 3: The Lord’s messenger will prepare the way for the Second Coming—The Lord will sit in judgment—The people of Israel are commanded to pay tithes and offerings—They keep a book of remembrance.

Malachi 4: At the Second Coming, the proud and wicked will be burned as stubble—Elijah will return before that great and dreadful day.

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