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2024 Come, Follow Me
Book of Mormon Lesson 24:
June 10 — June 16

Alma 5-7
“Have Ye Experienced This Mighty Change in Your Hearts?”

Alma did not know about today’s lifesaving heart transplant surgeries, which replace a damaged or diseased heart with a healthy one. But he knew about a more miraculous “change of heart” (Alma 5:26)—one in which the Savior gives us a newness of spiritual life, like being “born again” (see Alma 5:14, 49). Alma could see that this change of heart was exactly what many of the Nephites needed. Some were rich and others poor, some prideful and others humble, some persecutors and others afflicted by persecution (see Alma 4:6–15). But all of them needed to come unto Jesus Christ to be healed—just as we all do. Whether we are seeking to overcome pride or to endure afflictions, Alma’s message is the same: “Come and fear not” (Alma 7:15). Let the Savior change a hardened, sinful, or wounded heart into one that is humble, pure, and new.

Alma 5: To gain salvation, men must repent and keep the commandments, be born again, cleanse their garments through the blood of Christ, be humble and strip themselves of pride and envy, and do the works of righteousness—The Good Shepherd calls His people—Those who do evil works are children of the devil—Alma testifies of the truth of his doctrine and commands men to repent—The names of the righteous will be written in the book of life. About 83 B.C.

Alma 6: The Church in Zarahemla is cleansed and set in order—Alma goes to Gideon to preach. About 83 B.C.

Alma 7: Christ will be born of Mary—He will loose the bands of death and bear the sins of His people—Those who repent, are baptized, and keep the commandments will have eternal life—Filthiness cannot inherit the kingdom of God—Humility, faith, hope, and charity are required. About 83 B.C.


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