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Gordon C. Thomasson

About Gordon C. Thomasson

Gordon C. Thomasson, a professor emeritus of anthropology and history, has taught at Marlboro College, the City University of New York, the School for International Training, Broome Community College, and Cuttington University College (Liberia). His PhD from Cornell University dealt with indigenous knowledge systems and self-directed socioeconomic development in Liberia. He has a master’s in world religions from UC Santa Barbara and a bachelor’s in psychology from UCLA. He spent two years serving as graduate research assistant to Hugh Nibley at BYU. He was principal author, editor, and publisher of War, Conscription, Conscience and Mormonism (1971) and has also written numerous articles for books, journals, and encyclopedias, most recently an article on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace.

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