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Audio Formats

There are many times when listening to a publication is easier or more convenient than reading it. Many like to listen while exercising, or while commuting to work in their car. Some like to listen while working on other projects or tasks. There may also be those who are hard of seeing, and who may benefit from being able to listen to Interpreter‘s publications instead of reading them directly.

MP3 Audio download format

We offer all of our publications with the option to download an MP3 audio file of it being read by voice. To listen to this format, you simply need to download the file, and then open the file on your computer to begin listening. If you have a smartphone or tablet, usually you can listen instantly simply by tapping on the MP3 Audio button next to the given article.

MP3 Audio Podcast feed

This audio podcast will deliver an MP3 audio file for playing or download. Clicking on the podcast icon will take you to the feed list, where you can see all of the publications (or episodes), and can click to download or play the audio. There are also podcast applications for desktop and mobile that will allow you to subscribe to podcast feeds. Many RSS readers and podcast apps can also view podcasts. You may be able to add the feed by searching our website within your podcast app, or add it manually by typing in this internet address:

Apple iTunes

If you have an Apple device, whether it is an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, you may also want to subscribe to the audio podcast through iTunes. Interpreter is listed in the iTunes Podcast directory. You can search on the iTunes Store for “Interpreter” to find it, or just click the link below to view the podcast on From there you can click the “View in iTunes” link to open up the podcast in iTunes. From there you can click the “Subscribe Free” button to subscribe to the podcast.

To skip the Apple website, and view it directly in iTunes, use this link:


The Interpreter podcast is also available in the Stitcher Radio directory. Stitcher is a popular on-demand internet radio service that focuses on news and information radio and podcasts. It provides free online streaming through its website, and through through its mobile apps on iPhone/iPad, and Android.

You can access our podcast on Stitcher at this link, through the Stitcher app on your favorite mobile device (search for “interpreter”), or via the widget below.

Google Play Music

The Interpreter podcast is also available on Google Play Music. This is available on the desktop version of the service, as well as through the Google Play Music app on mobile devices. You can access our podcast by searching for “Interpreter” at the Google Play Music website, in the app, or by clicking this link.

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