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Come, Follow Me
Book of Mormon Lesson 47:
November 30–December 6

“To Keep Them in the Right Way”
Moroni 1-6

Moroni recorded what he hoped would “be of worth … in some future day” (Moroni 1:4). What do you find in Moroni 1–6 that is of worth to you? Record what you discover, and consider sharing it with someone who also might find it valuable.

Moroni 1: Moroni writes for the benefit of the Lamanites—The Nephites who will not deny Christ are put to death. About A.D. 401–21.

Moroni 2: Jesus gave the twelve Nephite disciples power to confer the gift of the Holy Ghost. About A.D. 401–21.

Moroni 3: Elders ordain priests and teachers by the laying on of hands. About A.D. 401–21.

Moroni 4: How elders and priests administer the sacramental bread is explained. About A.D. 401–21.

Moroni 5: The mode of administering the sacramental wine is set forth. About A.D. 401–21.

Moroni 6: Repentant persons are baptized and fellowshipped—Church members who repent are forgiven—Meetings are conducted by the power of the Holy Ghost. About A.D. 401–21.

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