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There are many who enjoy reading publications such as these on real paper. In some cases it may be much easier on the eyes to read these articles on paper than on a computer screen. It is also sometimes much easier to mark up and take notes on a hard copy. Interpreter is available in hard copy print via a couple of different methods.

Print button

From each article, you can simply click on the “Print” button, which will print up the print dialog box and allow you to print out a nicely formatted print copy of the publication from your own desktop computer printer. Note that many of these papers are 20-30 pages in length, and will use a good amount of ink and paper.

PDF download button

An additional option to print the articles on your desktop printer is to open the PDF file format, and print from that file. This will give you the same page breaks and footnote formatting as the print-on-demand version below.

Order Print copy from MagCloud

We have also partnered with Hewlett-Packard’s MagCloud service to offer us a print-on-demand option for all of our publications. By clicking on this “Order Print” button on the right-hand side of articles, you will be taken directly to the MagCloud website where you are given the opportunity to order a print copy. These print copies are high quality volumes, bound with saddle stitch or perfect binding. The paper used is sturdy matte text stock, with FSC-certified, acid-free and fully recyclable paper. They are printed using HP’s industrial Indigo printing technology.

For as little as a few dollars, and in as few as three days, you can have a professionally bound printed copy of the article or volume shipped and delivered direct to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.

You can stay advised of the latest print-on-demand publications that are available by subscribing to the Order Print Copy feed.

(Note: MagCloud also offers a free digital e-book version of the publications that you may use to read the Interpreter journal, including iPad and PDF versions. Once ordered through MagCloud, you can use the MagCloud iPad app to login to your account to view and read these eBook versions.)

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