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2024 Come, Follow Me
Book of Mormon Lesson 4:
January 22 — January 28

1 Nephi 11-15
“Armed with Righteousness and with the Power of God”

The Love of God, by Sabrina Squires

When God has monumental work for His prophet to do, He often gives that prophet a monumental vision. Moses, John, Lehi, and Joseph Smith all had visions like that—visions that expanded their minds and helped them see just how grand and awe-inspiring God’s work really is.

Nephi also had one of these life-changing visions. He saw the ministry of the Savior, the future of Lehi’s posterity in the promised land, and the latter-day destiny of God’s work. After this vision, Nephi was better prepared for the work that lay ahead. And reading about this vision can help prepare you too—for God also has work for you to do in His kingdom. You are among “the saints of the church of the Lamb” seen by Nephi, “who were scattered upon all the face of the earth; and they were armed with righteousness and with the power of God in great glory” (1 Nephi 14:14).

1 Nephi 11: Nephi sees the Spirit of the Lord and is shown in vision the tree of life—He sees the mother of the Son of God and learns of the condescension of God—He sees the baptism, ministry, and crucifixion of the Lamb of God—He sees also the call and ministry of the Twelve Apostles of the Lamb. About 600–592 B.C.

1 Nephi 12: Nephi sees in vision the land of promise; the righteousness, iniquity, and downfall of its inhabitants; the coming of the Lamb of God among them; how the Twelve Disciples and the Twelve Apostles will judge Israel; and the loathsome and filthy state of those who dwindle in unbelief. About 600–592 B.C.

1 Nephi 13: Nephi sees in vision the church of the devil set up among the Gentiles, the discovery and colonizing of America, the loss of many plain and precious parts of the Bible, the resultant state of gentile apostasy, the restoration of the gospel, the coming forth of latter-day scripture, and the building up of Zion. About 600–592 B.C.

1 Nephi 14: An angel tells Nephi of the blessings and cursings to fall upon the Gentiles—There are only two churches: the Church of the Lamb of God and the church of the devil—The Saints of God in all nations are persecuted by the great and abominable church—The Apostle John will write concerning the end of the world. About 600–592 B.C.

1 Nephi 15: Lehi’s seed are to receive the gospel from the Gentiles in the latter days—The gathering of Israel is likened unto an olive tree whose natural branches will be grafted in again—Nephi interprets the vision of the tree of life and speaks of the justice of God in dividing the wicked from the righteous. About 600–592 B.C.


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