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2024 Come, Follow Me
Book of Mormon Lesson 22:
May 27 — June 2

Mosiah 25-28
“They Were Called the People of God”

After nearly three generations of living in separate lands, the Nephites were one people again. Limhi’s people, Alma’s people, and Mosiah’s people—even the people of Zarahemla, who were not descended from Nephi—were now all “numbered with the Nephites” (Mosiah 25:13). Many of them also wanted to become members of the Lord’s Church, as Alma’s people had. So all those who “were desirous to take upon them the name of Christ” were baptized, “and they were called the people of God” (Mosiah 25:23–24). After years of conflict and captivity, it seemed that the Nephites would finally enjoy a period of peace.

But before long, unbelievers began persecuting the Saints. What made this especially heartbreaking was that many of these unbelievers were the believers’ own children—the “rising generation” (Mosiah 26:1), including the sons of Mosiah and one son of Alma. The account tells of a miraculous visit of an angel. But the true miracle of this story is not just about angels appearing to wayward sons. Conversion is a miracle that, in one way or another, needs to happen in all of us.

Mosiah 25: The descendants of Mulek at Zarahemla become Nephites—They learn of the people of Alma and of Zeniff—Alma baptizes Limhi and all his people—Mosiah authorizes Alma to organize the Church of God. About 120 B.C.

Mosiah 26: Many members of the Church are led into sin by unbelievers—Alma is promised eternal life—Those who repent and are baptized gain forgiveness—Church members in sin who repent and confess to Alma and to the Lord will be forgiven; otherwise, they will not be numbered among the people of the Church. About 120–100 B.C.

Mosiah 27: Mosiah forbids persecution and enjoins equality—Alma the younger and the four sons of Mosiah seek to destroy the Church—An angel appears and commands them to cease their evil course—Alma is struck dumb—All mankind must be born again to gain salvation—Alma and the sons of Mosiah declare glad tidings. About 100–92 B.C.

Mosiah 28: The sons of Mosiah go to preach to the Lamanites—Using the two seer stones, Mosiah translates the Jaredite plates. About 92 B.C.


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