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2024 Come, Follow Me
Book of Mormon Lesson 14:
April 1 — April 7

Jacob 1-4
Be Reconciled unto God through the Atonement of Christ

The Nephites considered Nephi their “great protector” (see Jacob 1:10). He had also protected them against spiritual dangers, warning them against sin and urging them to come unto Christ. Now that task fell to Jacob, whom Nephi had consecrated to be a priest and teacher (see Jacob 1:18). Jacob felt a responsibility to boldly warn those who were “beginning to labor in sin” while also comforting “the wounded soul” of those who had been hurt by the sins of others (see Jacob 2:5–9). How would he do both? He would point them to Jesus Christ—because both groups needed the Savior’s healing (see Jacob 4). Like the message of Nephi before him, Jacob’s testimony was a call to “be reconciled unto [God] through the atonement of Christ” (Jacob 4:11).

Jacob 1: Jacob and Joseph seek to persuade men to believe in Christ and keep His commandments—Nephi dies—Wickedness prevails among the Nephites. About 544–421 B.C.

Jacob 2: Jacob denounces the love of riches, pride, and unchastity—Men may seek riches to help their fellowmen—The Lord commands that no man among the Nephites may have more than one wife—The Lord delights in the chastity of women. About 544–421 B.C.

Jacob 3: The pure in heart receive the pleasing word of God—Lamanite righteousness exceeds that of the Nephites—Jacob warns against fornication, lasciviousness, and every sin. About 544–421 B.C.

Jacob 4: All the prophets worshiped the Father in the name of Christ—Abraham’s offering of Isaac was in similitude of God and His Only Begotten—Men should reconcile themselves to God through the Atonement—The Jews will reject the foundation stone. About 544–421 B.C.


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