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Hugh Nibley Observed

Hugh Nibley Observed: Foreword

John Welch says in his foreword to Hugh Nibley Observed “He is sincerely comfortable thinking of himself as a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord. … In a word, Hugh Nibley is no ordinary doorman. But then, as far as that goes, he doesn’t stand by ordinary doorways...

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Hugh Nibley Observed: Introduction

Jeffrey Bradshaw introduces Hugh Nibley Observed where readers will discover that the personal stories and perspectives behind the scholarship are sometimes even more captivating than his brilliant and witty intellectual breakthroughs. This comprehensive three-part...

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Hugh Nibley Observed: Nibley and Folklore

“I’m a little bit surprised to be here tonight because I probably know less about Hugh Nibley than anyone in this lecture series. I’ve had limited contact with him. I’ve always known about him. I’ve admired his work. I really liked his priesthood manual years ago, and...

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Hugh Nibley Observed: Appreciation

Stephen Whitlock says about Hugh Nibley Observed “I am grateful for all those who have contributed their thoughts, memories, and other reminiscences about Hugh Nibley to this volume. Although he would never ask for it, I hope it provides a suitable memorial honoring...

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Nibley’s Early Education

Abstract: In this intimate glimpse of Hugh Nibley’s childhood, written by his daughter Zina, we read of what it was like for Hugh to grow up as a gifted child with Victorian parents and, in turn, what it was like for Zina and her siblings to grow up as a child in the...

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