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  1. Jeff, in reading 1 Ne 15:12-19, I wonder if Nephi’s very plain and short answer regarding the olive tree is a summary of key points from Isaiah 48 and 49 because he is rehearsing Isaiah’s words regarding the restoration of the Jews in the latter-days? He then interrupts to teach other things from the vision, gives further events, and then introduces his exact quotation of Isaiah that is on the Brass Plates, followed by answering additional questions with both Isaiah and Zenos.
    Your thoughts please just in case I am off into the wild blue yonder!
    RoseAnn Benson

    • Nephi clearly had a close relationship and understanding of Isaiah, so there is every reason to believe that he would see prophecy of the same future stated differently in Isaiah and in Zenos. I do think he had other reasons for including Isaiah 48 and 49, but I would never suggest that Nephi had only one idea in mind.

    • And so it is. The pdf I received before it was posted is fine, so I hope it can be easily repaired. Thanks for the heads up.

      • The PDF version is now fixed but the print (Paperback) version still has a problem. I’ll have it fixed soon. The other versions (ePub and Kindle) are okay.

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