Expansion of Gospel Doctrine Lesson Indexes

Several months ago, we introduced our Gospel Doctrine Lesson indexes, one for each year of Gospel Doctrine classes, with little fanfare. Each index provides links for each class to the official Church lesson materials, to our Scripture Roundtable discussion for that lesson, and to other articles on our sites relevant to the lesson. While organized around the Gospel Doctrine lessons, we recognize that the indexes are also useful for personal and family scripture study, and have provided them for all four years: Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants and Church History.

We are currently expanding the indexes to include additional materials available on lds.org and relevant material from other sites, including links to:

  • Charts, maps and other supporting material from the Study Helps pages of lds.org.
  • Videos on the Bible Videos section of lds.org.
  • All of the KnoWhy articles at Book of Mormon Central, including links in the Old Testament Index.
  • Articles from the Revelations in Context section of history.lds.org.
  • The Discussions on the Scriptures roundtables produced by BYUtv years ago.

The last two items above are still being worked on and will be completed in the coming weeks. We are continually seeking additional material to add to these indexes that is both doctrinally sound and that expands the usefulness of the pages. We have added a suggestion form to each of the pages so that you can send us suggestions for additional sites, articles, and other material to add.

We ask that you share the availability of these indexes with your family and friends. (Perhaps with your local seminary, institute, or Gospel Doctrine instructors?) We welcome your feedback and hope that you find these resources valuable and enriching.

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