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The Ultimate Egypt – Interpreter Foundation Tour

Study Resources for a Trip to Egypt


Egypt DK Eyewitness Travel Guide
Introduction to the Book of Abraham by John Gee
Temples Tombs & Hieroglyphics by Barbara Mertz
The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt by Richard H. Wilkinson
The Message of the Joseph Smith Papyri: An Egyptian Endowment by Hugh Nibley
Egyptian Mythology by Geraldine Pinch
Abraham in Egypt by Hugh Nibley
The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt
Dieter Kurth, The Temple of Edfu: A Guide by an Egyptian Priest. (out of print)
Sylvie Cauville, Offerings to the Gods in Egyptian Temples.

Audio Lectures

The History of Ancient Egypt, Bob Brier, The Great Courses
Great Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, Bob Brier, The Great Courses

Documentary Films

Discover the Secrets of Ancient Egypt
Rick Steves Egypt: Yesterday and Today
The Story of Egypt
Egypt. A six-part BBC dramatized history of the most prominent of the early Egyptian archaeologists.
Egypt: Engineering an Empire
Planet Egypt
Kingdom in the Sand (available on Amazon Prime)

Popular Films

The Bible: Joseph (1995, starring Ben Kingsley, Paul Mercurio, Martin Landau, and Lesley Ann Warren)
Cleopatra (1963, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton)
Death on the Nile (1978)
Ten Commandments (1956)

Interpreter Conferences

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