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Come, Follow Me
New Testament Lesson 6:
February 4–10

Matthew 4; Luke 4–5
“The Spirit of the Lord Is upon Me”

Begin by reading Matthew 4 and Luke 4–5, and pay attention to any insights you receive. The additional resources below may help you identify important principles in these chapters.

Matthew 4: Jesus fasts forty days and is tempted—He begins His ministry, calls disciples, and heals the sick.

Luke 4: Jesus fasts forty days and is tempted by the devil—Jesus announces His divine sonship in Nazareth and is rejected—He casts out a devil in Capernaum, heals Peter’s mother-in-law, and preaches and heals throughout Galilee.

Luke 5: Peter, the fisherman, is called to catch men—Jesus heals a leper—He forgives sins and heals a paralytic—Matthew is called—The sick need a physician—New wine must be put in new bottles.

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