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Come, Follow Me
New Testament Lesson 17:
April 29–May 5

John 7–10
“I Am the Good Shepherd”

As you read John 7–10, you may receive impressions from the Holy Ghost about the doctrinal principles in these chapters. Recording your impressions can help you make a plan to act on them.

John 7: Jesus’ kinsmen do not believe—He teaches His Father’s doctrine and proclaims His divine sonship—Truth may be known through obedience—Jesus offers living water to all people—The people have various opinions concerning Him.

John 8: The woman taken in adultery is brought before Christ—Christ is the Light of the world—He again proclaims that He is the Messiah—The true children of Abraham believe in Christ—Jesus says, Before Abraham was I, Jehovah.

John 9: Jesus, on the Sabbath, heals a man born blind—The Jews accuse Him of Sabbath violation—He lectures them on spiritual blindness.

John 10: Jesus is the Good Shepherd—He gained power over death from His Father—He promises to visit His other sheep—He proclaims, I am the Son of God.

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