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Come, Follow Me
New Testament Lesson 10:
March 4–10

Matthew 8–9; Mark 2–5
“Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole”

As you read Matthew 8–9 and Mark 2–5, be responsive to impressions you receive from the Holy Ghost. Consider writing down the promptings you receive and the things you can do to act on those promptings.

Matthew 8: Jesus heals a leper, cures the centurion’s servant and others, stills the tempest, and casts out devils—The devils enter a herd of swine.

Matthew 9: Jesus forgives sins, heals a paralytic, and calls Matthew—Jesus eats with sinners, heals a woman who touches His garments, and raises Jairus’s daughter to life—He opens the eyes of the blind, casts out a devil, and preaches the gospel.

Mark 2: Jesus forgives sins, heals a paralytic, eats with tax gatherers and sinners, and announces that He is Lord of the Sabbath.

Mark 3: Jesus heals on the Sabbath day—He chooses and ordains the Twelve Apostles—He asks, Can Satan cast out Satan?—Jesus speaks of blasphemy against the Holy Ghost and identifies those who believe as being members of His family.

Mark 4: Jesus gives the parables of the sower, the candle under a bushel, the seed growing secretly, and the mustard seed—He stills the tempest.

Mark 5: Jesus casts out a legion of devils, who then enter the swine—A woman is healed by touching Jesus’ clothes—He raises Jairus’s daughter from the dead.

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